Owen Mabbort is a traditional blacksmith working in Herefordshire.

Whilst studying ‘Traditional Blacksmithing’ at Hereford Tech College he was fortunate to be accepted as an apprentice one day a week to Peter Crownshaw, an ‘Eminent Master of Blacksmithing’ from Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.

Once Owen had completed the two year course from college, he was offered full-time employment by Peter. During the eleven years under Peter’s skilled training and varied work, Owen became specialized in gates, restoration projects and windows casements. He was taught how to use many materials, such as Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel and Real Wrought Iron.

Owen reluctantly left Peter and took time out to be a ‘stay at home dad’ whilst the children were babies.

In 2008, Owen was able to resume his career again and decided to set up his own business, continuing the quality and high standard of craftsmanship.

He has since worked on many interesting and rewarding projects, including a commission for Dover Castle’s large restoration program and Shakespeare’s New Place main entrance doors.